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Product Specifications b-line/LED/display

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Line drawings for b-line/LED Line drawings for b-line/LED
b-line/LED b-line/LED/display
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b-line/LED - detail b-line/LED top detail - brushed stainless steel effect b-line/LED b-line/LED lens detail - brushed stainless steel effect National Maritime Museum Greenwich/Lusted Green National Maritime Museum
Greenwich/Lusted Green
b-line/LED/display/4 Metres Wine Department Selfridges, London Wine Department Selfridges
b-line/LED/display/4 Metres Woolwich Town Hall Woolwich Town Hall
Light + Design Associates


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Design: Aktiva, 2012
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

High performance high efficiency slim Ø32mm LED fitting for wall, display and desk applications. Features include facility to join b–line in multiples, lockable shade adjustment, 3000°K & 4000°K colour temperature as standard plus 3 further options. 90+ CRI colour rendering option also offered.


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Linear LED producing a highly efficient 121 lumens per Watt* with standard 30° PMMA satin lens. Available in White 3000°K & Cool White 4000°K. LED CRI: 82 – 84. 90+ CRI also available.

*based on 4000°K LED at 350mA. 10% output decrease after 50,000 hrs. LED Boards running at tc=65°C


Standard current output for all applications. Optional 500mA and 700mA available for special requirements.

Total Luminous Output
Length Wattage Voltage (d.c) 3000°K 4000°K
390 mm 5.1 W 15 V 590 lm 627 lm
670 mm 10.2 W 30 V 1179 lm 1254 lm
950 mm 15.3 W 45 V 1769 lm 1882 lm
1230 mm 20.4 W 60 V 2358 lm 2509 lm
1510 mm 25.5 W 75 V 2948 lm 3136 lm
1790 mm 30.6 W 90 V 3538 lm 3763 lm


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aktvs 350.009 ECXe 11W driver 390mm b-line/LED
akttri TALEXXconverter LCI 20W 350mA TEC SR 670mm and 950mm b-line/LED
akttri TALEXXconverter LCI 35W 350mA TEC SR 1230mm and 1510mm+ b-line/LED

For dimmable and DALI protocol drivers available see Options


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/book/integralboxed driver top–mounted on bookshelf
/book/remoteremote driver with various fixing options (see below)
/colour temperaturevery warm white 2700°K optional
warm white 3000°K standard
cool white 4000°K standard
cool white 5000°K optional
daylight 6500°K optional
/CR90+high colour rendering LED
/curvedcurved shade as special order
/deskdesk and workstation applications
/dim1analogue 1–10v dimmable driver
/dim2digital/DALI dimmable driver
/dim3phased dimmable mains driver
/displaywall and display applications
/e3 fixing to allow non standard length stems
/emergency 3 hour maintained remote or integral
/f1/e3Ø40mm surface/wall fixing
/f2/e3Ø76 mm surface fixing
/integral35integral driver & box d:35mm w:50mm
/multiplex2 x3 x4.......... in continuous run
/PressRemoteremote on/off press switch
/support arms16mm – 200mm (standard: 200mm)
/tuneabletuneable system to client requirements
/unit lengthshade/s cut to special lengths
/w1Ø22mm washer through-panel fixing
/WakeUp1microwave integral presence detector for
automatic on/off control
/WakeUp2infrared integral presence detector for automatic on/off control
/wiredplug/socket light-to-driver-mains wiring system custom designed to facillitate on-site installation

See FIXINGS SHEET for more details
See CONTROLS for more details


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Coated: Matt Silver, White
Plated: Brushed Steel Effect, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass

Special finishes (including bronze coated) on request

See FINISHES SHEET for more details