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Product Specifications b-line/LED/onebeam

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Line drawings for b-line/LED/onebeam
b-line/LED/onebeam/wave - detail b-line/LED/onebeam/wave – top detail - satin stainless steel effect
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b-line/LED/onebeam/wave b-line/LED/onebeam/wave b-line/LED/onebeam b–line/LED/onebeam/wave b-line/LED/onebeam b-line/LED/onebeam/wave b-line/LED/onebeam/wave – bronze Press remote Press remote B-Line/OneBeam/Wave University of Edinburgh
Law Library - Senate Room
LDN Architects
B-Line/OneBeam/Wave B-Line/OneBeam/Wave XYZ Works Manchester
GA Studio Architects
B-Line/OneBeam/Wave B-Line/OneBeam/Wave XYZ Works Manchester
GA Studio Architects


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Design: Aktiva, 2014
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

A single span LED reading desk light which offers an economical solution. At 500mm above the desk surface B-Line/OneBeam gives excellent light coverage on both sides of a 1600mm width 2-sided desk.

All features of the high performance/100 lumens per watt original B-Line: can be joined in multiples, tailored lengths, lockable shade adjustment and comprehensive colour temperature options.


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Design: Aktiva, 2014
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

OneBeam/Wave offers the same desk light coverage as OneBeam with the low-profile Wave shade effectively minimizing glare.


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Linear LED producing 100 lumens per Watt* with standard 116° PMMA satin lens. Available in Warm White 2700°K, White 3000°K & Cool White 4000°K. LED CRI: 82 – 84.


      Total Luminous Output
Length Wattage Voltage (d.c) 3000°K 4000°K
390 mm 5.1 W 15 V 590 lm 627 lm
670 mm 10.2 W 30 V 1179 lm 1254 lm
950 mm 15.3 W 45 V 1769 lm 1882 lm
1230 mm 20.4 W 60 V 2358 lm 2509 lm
1510 mm 25.5 W 75 V 2948 lm 3136 lm
1790 mm 30.6 W 90 V 3538 lm 3763 lm

*based on 4000°K LED at 350mA. 10% output decrease after 50,000 hrs. LED Boards running at tc=65°C

250mA 500mA and 700mA alternative outputs
Lower & higher outputs available on application

Aktiva will only offer warranty on LED fittings where Aktiva approved drivers are used. For further information and wiring/installation details contact Aktiva.


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AKT/350-240-56V-C 390–950mm b-line/LED (350mA)
AKTS ECXe 350.028 186226 1510mm + b-line/LED (350mA)

Higher 350mA output, 500mA & 700mA available on application.


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/dim1analogue 1–10v dimmable driver
/dim2digital/DALI dimmable driver
/multiplex2 x3 x4.......... in continuous run
/pressremote press on/off switch
/touchremote touch on/off switch
/ lengthshade/s cut to special lengths
/ (standard:500mm)
/white warm LED2700°K colour temperature
/white LED3000°K colour temperature
/white cool LED4000°K colour temperature
/w1Ø22mm washer fixing

See FIXINGS SHEET for more details
See CONTROLS for more details


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Standard Coated: Matt Silver, White
Standard Plated: Satin Stainless Steel Effect, Polished Chrome, Polished brass
annd Brushed brass

Special finishes (including bronze coated) on request

See FINISHES SHEET for more details