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Product Specifications B-Line/Shield

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Plan view for Shield
B-Line/2By2/Shield B-Line/2By2/Shield
Blue Line Divider
B-Line/2By2/Wave/Shield B-Line/2By2/Wave/Shield B-Line/2By2/Wave/Shield B-Line/2by2/Shield at Wadham College Oxford B-Line/OneBeam/Wave/Shield B-Line/OneBeam/Wave/Shield B-Line/OneBeam/Wave/Shield B-Line/OneBeam/Wave/Shield B-Line/1By1/Wave/Shield2 B-Line/1By1/Wave/Shield2 B-Line/2By2/Wave/Shield2 B-Line/2By2/Wave/Shield2


Blue Line Divider

Design: Aktiva, 2019
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

An effective and economical partitioning system for B-Line linear desk lights. Shield is a three-sided or single-sided divide composed of panels bolted to the B-Line OneBeam and 2By2 and 1By1 ranges. Option of 2 height partitions; 400mm and 700mm.

Shield may be retrofitted to existing B-Line installations.


Blue Line Divider

/b-line/onebeam/shieldspecify onebeam length
/b-line/1by1/shieldspecify 1by1 length
/b-line/2by2/shieldspecify 2by2 length
/shield/frontfront panel clamped to upstands
/shield/sideside panels attached to upstand and verticle supports
/shield2700mm extra height dividing panels
/whitewhite colour
/colourspecified colour
/clearclear panel
/frostedfrosted panel


Blue Line Divider

Height:400mm or 700mm


Blue Line Divider

Panels are offered in various finishes and in materials that are easily maintained and antibacterially cleaned.