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Product Specifications Show/AL-02

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Line drawings for Show AL-02
Show AL-02 AL-02/O/M1/ Ø16mm front axial halogen lamp – satin nickel
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AL-02/O Polished Chrome AL-02 - Polished Chrome AL-02/O/Y Polished Chrome AL-02/Y - Polished Chrome AL-02/O/M2 Satin Chrome AL-02/M2/ Ø35mm halogen lamp - Satin Chrome


SHOW/AL-02/Low Voltage Halogen

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Design: Aktiva, 1988
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

The AL-02 is fully adjustable with 90° tilt and 360° rotation. All fixing options may be combined with pendants or any length.


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12v Ø50mm 50W, 35W, 20W dichroic or reflector halogen
12v Ø35mm 35W, 20W dichroic or reflector halogen
12v Ø16mm 50W, 35W, 20W front axial reflector halogen
Other light source options:
Mains Powered Halogen See Show/HI-02


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/csurface plate for twin/triple AL-02
/efixing to permit any length of stem
/emergency3 hour maintained
/exexhibition fixing
/fflush fixing
/g60ceiling mounted integral transformer
/g105ceiling mounted integral transformer for twin AL-02
/jjack socket fixing
/m1lamp shade option for Ø16mm front axial reflector halogen
/m2lamp shade option for Ø35mm dichroic or reflector halogen
/pstandard pendant lengths: 100mm/200mm/300mm/500mm
/rrecessed fitting
/r65recessed bathroom rated fitting
/ssurface box
/ttrack adapter
/traktransintegral transformer for mains voltage track
/twin2 x AL-02 on surface plate
/triple3 x AL-02 on surface plate
/wwasher fixing
/ yØ50mm lamp shade option

See FIXINGS SHEET for more details


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Coated: Silver, White
Plated: Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome
Special coated and plated finishes available on request


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Globatrac Pro: 240v square profile 3 circuit, white / black
Globatrac Base: 240v mains 1 circuit track