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Product Specifications Show/AL-07/LED

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Line drawings for Show AL-05 LED
Show AL-07 LED2 detail Show/AL-07/LED2/detail
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Show AL-07 LED2 M Shade Display Show/AL-07/Display/LED2 AL-07/LED2/Press/Plate - Satin Chrome AL-07/LED2/Desk/Press/Plate - Satin Chrome Remote Press Remote Press Show LED 2 Lux Levels LED 2 Lux Levels Senate House Library, University of London/BDP Senate House Library
University of London/BDP
AL-07/LED2 Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Herbarium Building Reading Room, London Royal Botanic Gardens Kew,
Herbarium Building Reading Room, London/
Edward Cullinan Architects


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Design: Aktiva, 2006
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

Fully adjustable 90° tilt and 360° rotation LED stem light. Very effective light source for desk and display lighting applications.


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Aktiva will only warrant its LED fittings where recommended drivers are used. For further information and wiring/installation details contact Aktiva.

12V Bell 6 Watt power LED 3 module cluster with 36° beam angle. Warm White 3000°K or Cool White 4000°K. GU5.3 connection pins. May be retro–fitted into 12V fittings with GU5.3 lampholders.

Supplied with remote driver: akt/PTDC/3/12v

Low Voltage Halogen See Show/AL-07
Mains Powered Halogen See Show/HI-07


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/controlcontrol arm
/desk450mm height/desk version with control arm
/e1fixing to permit non-standard stem length
/fsurface fixing
/g/LEDsurface mounted integral driver
/...mmstandard stem lengths: 200mm/300mm
/press1remote on/off press switch
/press1/plate integral on/off press switch
/oallthread fixing
/wwasher or panel fixing

See FIXINGS SHEET for more details
See CONTROLS for more details


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Coated: Silver, White
Plated: Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome
Special coated and plated finishes available on request