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Product Specifications Showcase 12v halogen

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(PDF Format)

Line drawings for Showcase
Showcase AL-07 detail Showcase/AL-07/3/E/detail
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Showcase fitting Showcase/AL-07/3/E Showcase AL-02 Showcase/AL-02 Showcase AL-02 M Shade Showcase/AL-02/M Showcase AL-07 Showcase/AL-07 Showcase AL-07 M Shade Showcase/AL-07/M


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Design: Aktiva, 2001
Manufacture: Aktiva, London.

Ø10mm (1-3 heads) or Ø12.7mm (4-6 heads) for showcase and other vertical display applications, made to specified heights and head positionings. Height up to 2000mm.


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Low Voltage: AL-02, AL-02/M, AL-07, AL07/M


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AL-02, AL-07, AL-02/M: 12V 20-35W 35mm Dichroic or Reflector Halogen
AL-07/M: 12V 20-50W 16mm Ministar Axial Reflector Halogen


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/oallthread fixing
/efixing permits variation of stem length
/f/esurface fixing
/wpanel/rear fixing

See FIXINGS SHEET for more details


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Coated: Matt Silver, White
Plated: Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome
Special coated and plated finishes available on request